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June 5, 2024

NBA Finals Prediction by Clarence Jones

Embarrassing disappointing season ending series for my Pacers. I’m hurt. We were four wins away from reaching the NBA Finals. Overall, the good outweighed the bad this season. We accomplished a lot; I’m looking forward to next season.

Mavericks vs Celtics- You are probably going to say I’m delusional but my Pacers were capable of winning every game against the Celtics. We could have won all 4 games. We were in every game except for game 2. Go back and look at the tape. It didn’t matter what Boston did, they couldn’t put us away. We gave them a run for their money with and without Haliburton. Bad shot decision making, bad defense, and numerous turnovers cost us. We hurt ourselves, we made too many mistakes.


Don’t expect the Mavs to make the same mistakes that we made. They’re well coached and they been battle-tested. They eliminated the best defensive team (Timberwolves) in the league. That can’t go unnoticed. That’s why I’m putting my confidence in the Mavs. Defensive schemes and 1 on 1 matchups don’t scare them. They are going to find numerous ways to score on Boston. Especially Kyrie and Luka. Boston will have no answers for Kyrie and Luka. Don’t get caught up in the 2 on 2 matchup. It’s going to take more than Brown, Tatum, Kyrie, and Luka. All 4 players will need help from their supporting cast.


My dealbreaker is Brown and Tatum going to get too much support. Too much support on defense is going to cause Boston to struggle on offense. White and Holiday are going to be burnt out, don’t expect a lot of offense from them. Boston can’t win this series with barely any offense from White and Holiday. What if Brown or Tatum gets in foul trouble? What if Brown or Tatum have a bad game? Can You imagine how difficult it will be for the Celtics? It’s bound to happen! That’s why I’m picking the Mavs. Their Big 2 (Kyrie and Luka) is better than Boston big 2 (Brown and Tatum). They also have a better bench than Boston. Bench points matter. if You didn’t know, now You know. Mavericks in 6.

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