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May 21, 2024

NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals predictions by Clarence Jones

First and foremost, let me start by saying MY INDIANA PACERS are in the CONFERENCE FINALS and I’M EXCITED!! FINAL FOUR!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GO PACERS GO!!!

Pacers vs Celtics- this will be the toughest series for both teams but if you ask me who had the easiest road, I will say Boston. They didn’t compete against Jimmy Butler and Donovan Mitchell (DNP in game 4 & 5) Some will probably say we had the easiest road. No Giannis, Injured Dame, and the banged-up Knicks. We can go back and forth but there’s no need for that. The best teams in the eastern conference are the Pacers and the Celtics. I’m excited for this match-up, we will be tested. There’s no doubt in my mind that we can compete with Boston. We proved it in the regular season, and we’ll prove it in this series. Boston is a good team but sometimes they get in their own way. They shoot a lot of threes. They play a lot of my turn and your turn basketball. Especially Tatum and Brown, they love that style of basketball. They’re much better when they play as a team. I love their defense. Holiday, Brown, White, and Horford are tough defenders. They are going to create problems, problems that we’ll be able to solve. We’re balanced, we play as a team. We’re not a 1 player team. Locking Haliburton down isn’t the answer. Home court advantage won’t matter in this series. Boston can win on the road, they’re arguably better on the road. That worries me because we’re not good on the road but we’re good at home. That’s what makes this series interesting. What also makes this series interesting is the battle of the benches. We have the better bench. Our bench will give us the edge in this series. Pacers in 7.

Mavericks vs Timberwolves- Minnesota has given me proof to never doubt them against a big 3. What they did to the Suns was crazy, no one thought the Suns would get swept. Let’s keep it real, no one thought that they would beat the defending champions. No way I’m doubting them against a big 2. Luka and Kyrie haven’t played against a defense like Minnesota’s defense. The Thunder and Clippers defense has nothing on Minnesota’s defense. Luka and Kyrie must play great to win this series. I don’t see it happening, Minnesota is too tough. They got the defensive player of the year, 6th man of the year, KAT, and Michael Jordan’s clone ANT-MAN. I don’t see how the Mavericks win this series. Luka and Kyrie can’t do it all. Who else is going to step up? PJ Washington? It’s going to take more than PJ Washington. The Mavs don’t have enough depth to compete with the Wolves. From the starters to the benches, the Wolves are the better team. Be on the lookout for Jaden McDaniels, he’s my dark horse in this series. Timberwolves in 5.

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